Using Your Gallery

If you’re on this page, chances are, you just received your gallery. (Yaaaayyy!!!) There are so many exciting features that I just absolutely love about your gallery interface that I just couldn’t help but to write as much of it here as I could to help you learn more about the options available. So without further ado, below are some of my favorite options:


Your gallery will remain active for at least 1 year during which time you will be able to download or sync your images. The options for download will include downloading in high resolution (print) quality and digital (social media/website) quality. For syncing, you’ll be able to sync your images with your Dropbox or Google Photos account within a few clicks. All options are available by selecting the down-arrow icon from your gallery.


Before you use the share link you’ll receive at the bottom of your gallery invitation with your family and friends, you can easily hide images you would like for them not to see by hovering your mouse over the image and selecting the ‘eye crossed out’ icon in the upper right-hand corner of the photo.


At the bottom of your welcome email will be a link which can be used to share your gallery with your family and friends. You can also share collections of images, single images, your favorites list and more by selecting one of the options located under the curved arrow option at the top of your gallery. These options will also include the ability to share directly to your favorite social media sites. Please feel free to share images on social media!! And, if you can and would like to, please feel welcome to tag me in your photos and posts. YOU are what helps me to continue in this business and I sincerely appreciate shout outs, follows, and referrals!

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As a customer of Andreas Holm Photography, we feel that is is super important for you to have printing rights to your images. This means you can print them anywhere. However, to make the process easier, your gallery will provide you with the option to print as well. Ordering through your online gallery also allows for me to work on your orders with you, while allowing me to work directly with the print vendors for service issues to ensure they are resolved quickly.


You’ll also notice that your gallery has a live chat feature when visiting from your desktop. This live chat is supported by my gallery vendor (who is amazing!!!) and they will be able to answer any questions you have about downloading, sharing or printing your images. What they won’t be able to answer are questions related to your contract with me or future sessions so please be sure to reach out to me directly by clicking here if they are unable to help for any reason.


You can order prints from your gallery at any time by selecting ‘Shop’ from your gallery’s top navigation bar. Printing options include:

  • Standard Prints & Print Packs — High quality prints available in a variety of sizes, paper, and pack options.
  • Matted Frames — Modern box-style frames with a thick mat, ready to hang.
  • Lay Flay Albums — Premium quality albums printed on photo paper with thick lay flat pages.
  • Greeting Cards — Folded and flat photo cards for any occasion.
  • Calendars — Beautifully designed 12 month calendars, starting from any month.
  • Gallery Boards — Thick archival boards that can be displayed on their own or in a frame.
  • Magazines — Light and fresh saddle-stitched magazines.
  • Frames — Modern box-style frames, ready to hang.
  • Canvas Prints — A work of art, printed with archival ink on museum-grade canvas.
  • Fine Art Albums — Luxuriously crafted albums printed on fine art paper with lay flat pages.
  • Deckled Prints — Unique, hand torn prints on fine art cotton paper.
  • Metal Prints — Ultra-hard, scratch-resistant surface that is water and weatherproof, with dyes infused into the surface.


Your session/event will include a back up of your images and gallery access for one year. If for any reason you lose access to your gallery link, galleries are available under the client section of my website. While galleries are guaranteed to remain active for one year, it is very rare for me to remove your gallery. However, if I do, the following is the process I use for notifying you about your gallery removal:

  • You will receive an email three months prior to gallery removal.
  • You will receive an additional email one month prior to gallery removal.
  • You will receive an additional email two week prior to gallery removal.
  • If you have not responded to any of the above, I will call you to confirm that you are aware of this removal one week prior to. This will then be confirmed in writing.