The wedding for Mia & Emil has come to an end. After this shot I put the camera down. Relax. I start to talk with the father of the groom. He’s an artist, a musician. I like talking to him. We have things in common. He tells me about his life. About Emil & Mia. It’s been a beautiful day. I did my best to capture it. I hope he will look at the images one day and remember the day. Remember what he felt that day. Remember the love. Remember what they share. What they all have together.



genial!!! me encanta todo de esta toma andreas buen tratamiento del color.

I love pictures of them jumping like karate kid on the beach. Fantastic job!!!

muy bonito andreas, can’t wait for our wedding

Stunning and scheming…

Rad shot Brother, I can hardly wait for the full post 🙂

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