Our new family member, Miguel.


3 years ago… I can tell in his eyes that he was another Miguel then. Still beutiful. But more tensed.

That was a beautiful capture of a dog. I like the sun hit on the dog. That was great. Thank you for sharing the photo’s.

Beautiful dog send her to meKram Berith. That was a brilliant idea. Thank you.

The colors and scenery in the landscape really make me happy.I love these shots. Very nice capture in the dog. Thank you.

Gracias Gary!
Never been to Alora but i’ve passed by a lot on my way to El Chorro!

I love these shots for two reasons:

We have lived near to you in Spain for over nine years although we are in the UK for a few years now while our son finishes school. We can’t wait to get back to our home in the mountains near to Alora, which I am sure you know.

The colours and scenery in the landscape really make me homesick!

Secondly, we have a dog in Spain very similar to Miguel, his name is Rips.

Muchas gracias por las fotografias, excellente, hasta luego ….

Beautiful dog send her to meKram Berith

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