Palacete de Cazulas located in Granada is a unique place with a large main hotel with 2 smaller hotels. Within the main hotel, all rooms but one have an in-room bathroom or shower room. Palacete de Cazulas is located in inland Spain where the population is less than that of the coast. If you are looking for amazing weather and all to yourself privacy, you have found it. Guarded by a gate, nobody is allowed in without permission. The staff are locals and have worked there for about 16 years. Quiet and secluded and not apart of Millionaire row, Palacete De Cazulas is the perfect spot for small groups, a wedding perhaps or a family reunion. Spectacular golf courses are all around, along with skiing in the winter and the coast is about 1 hour away. So much to do and see all around or stay and relax in the amazing weather of Granada.